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Private Capital Leaders Platform

Through a series of insightful executive-level forums, investor networking events and online resources for private capital leaders, the Club Series offers its members and attendees a dynamic platform for addressing critical issues effecting global private markets and billons in private capital investments. Members and attendees get privileged access to insights, capital, deals and resources to help them identify and employ value-maximizing strategies across major asset classes in North America.

Over the years, the Club Series has become a meeting point for leading private equity groups, institutional funds, family offices, top-tier asset management and advisory firms who come together to share perspectives, know-how and investment opportunities in a collaborative setting through virtual and live events.

⦿ Insights

Bringing together industry vanguards and seasoned investment professionals imparting key insights and operational know-how crucial for understanding and navigating today’s private markets

⦿ Capital

Get to know and connect with a diverse group of equity and debt providers, fund managers, private investors seeking to deploy capital in various funds, assets, and strategies in North America

⦿ Deals

The Club Series platform facilitates a dynamic dealflow environment through online tools and live networking events (meetups) enabling increased GP-LP interactions and access to off-market deals

⦿ Resources

Whether raising capital, seeking your next profitable deal, or looking to connect directly with decision-makers – we offer tools and resources you can utilize to take your idea to the next level

goREAL Forum

Online, on-demand forum for real estate investment leaders with a focus on North America
The forum series offers a timely, relevant, and widely encompassing agenda by and for private capital leaders with inside scoops and in-depth analysis of emerging and evolving market trends, value creation strategies, operational best practices, sector-specific risks and opportunities

Bringing together leading minds seeking a winning edge across asset classes


Private Capital in Europe

Want to keep abreast of private markets in Europe? Join EURUS Forum series to hear from and connect with leading fund and asset managers, institutional and private investors, family offices and entrepreneurs shaping Europe’s private capital landscape.