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In Conversation with Don White, CEO & Co-Founding Partner, Private Pension Partners

Laetitia Pacaud, Managing Partner, COO & CFO at Epic Investment Services leads an insightful conversation with Don White, CEO & Co-Founding Partner at Private Pension Partners (P3). Headquartered in Winnipeg, P3 has become a leading regional real estate asset manager and developer of pension quality properties with a focus on Canadian multi-family sector.

🛈 The discussion delves into the unique characteristics of the region, highlighting some notable property market transformations and opportunities it offers to a diverse investor demographic. With a deep-rooted local expertise, Don unpacks P3’s flagship investment vehicles and reveals how the group – notwithstanding persistent market fluctuations and external economic factors – effectively builds resilience into its strategies and continues to scale a competitive real estate portfolio. Reflecting on a range of core issues affecting multifamily and construction sector, Don concludes with a compelling success story underscoring the strategic acumen and tenacity required for navigating the ever-evolving real estate industry.