Venture Capital Forum

October 10 – Toronto

proTECH 2019

A 360° Perspective on North American Venture Capital

proTECH executive-level forum brings together leading North American venture capital funds, qualified investors, founders and corporate leaders to address multifaceted and fast-evolving issues shaping the tech investment world. The platform facilitates rigorous assessment of prevailing VC business models, value creation and investment strategies in various stages of enterprise growth and fundraising.

Held in an intimate and highly collaborative setting, speakers and delegates share actionable insights into sourcing and securing profitable deals, fund performance/return enhancement techniques, resource allocation for portfolio companies, exit strategies (IPO, ICO, M&A), approaches to valuation and deal term negotiating. With ample networking opportunities throughout, the platform actively engages the unique perspectives of founders, LPs as well as corporate investors to fully understand the ecosystem, emerging trends and players within the VC asset class.



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