Vantage Venues

The venue with a view

Spread across two full floors with 40,000 square feet of world-class meeting and event space within the Sun Life Centre, Vantage Venues offers multipurpose spaces and rooms bringing together decades of expertise in event planning, culinary excellence and premium technology with a convenient location in the heart of downtown Toronto core and stunning views of the city.

The meeting rooms are carefully configured for clear sightlines, lighting control, acoustics and ventilation. Refreshment lounges are conveniently located just steps from every meeting room to allow groups to break as often as they want, leaving more space in meeting rooms for members' use.

The Sun Life Centre (150 King Street West) is conveniently accessed by Toronto´s underground PATH system which connects more than 50 buildings and office towers, five subway stations (we sit atop the St. Andrews station), two major department stores, two major shopping centres, six major hotels, and the GO and VIA railway terminal.